St. Martin’s Press – Review: 5 Stars

Thanks so much to the author and St. Martin’s Press for the gifted advanced copy of this book, as well as Macmillan Audio and for the gifted advanced audio copy, in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are entirely my own. { partner } All of my reviews can also be found on Instagram @Tackling_TBR and on my blog at

Publication Date: January 31, 2023

Genre: Fiction, Contemporary, Literary Fiction, Adult, Coming of Age

Page Count: 320 pages

Audiobook Length: 10 hours 10 minutes

Audiobook Narrated by: Heather Agyepong

TW: death/loss of a parent, Parkinson’s disease, depression and anxiety

I just finished listening to this book on audio, and I find that I’m having trouble putting together my thoughts on it.

It was such a powerful and engaging novel of a woman coming of age and spreading her wings in her mid 20s. It felt unique compared to other coming of age stories or literary fiction books I’ve read in recent years, and is really sticking with me after finishing it.

The main character, Maddie, has lived such a wildly different life than I have, but I still couldn’t help but feel parts of myself in parts of her, and I felt my heart breaking for her at various points in the novel when people were cruel or things weren’t going her way. I really respected her as a character, and I wanted to see how she would respond in certain situations or how the next chapter of her life would play out. I think that she’s a character that I’m going to keep thinking about for a while, and I wish I had her as a friend to bounce ideas off of in my day to day life.

Overall I would absolutely recommend this book to my friends and fellow readers. This isn’t a type of book or a genre that I reach for all the time, tending to reach more often for mysteries or romances in one form or another, but I couldn’t be more glad that I hopped into the realm of literary fiction for this book. I think that the best way to read this book would be sitting in bed or on the couch, safe and sound under a big, cozy blanket, with a soup mug full of tea.

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