Although a Pacific Northwest native, Jennifer is currently based out of the El Paso, TX area. Always a book fanatic, there was more than one occasion when her mom caught her reading past her bedtime or exploring other worlds when maybe she was supposed to be cleaning her room. Jennifer likes to try to dabble in any genre she can get her hands on, but some favorites are romance, mystery, suspense, and literary fiction. These days she lives with a feisty feline, is planning a wedding with the man of her dreams, and always has at least one book on her at all times.

You can follow along with her reading journey and bookish rants on Instagram @tackling_tbr, on Facebook as Tackling TBR (@tacklingtbr), and on Twitter (@TacklingTBR).

You can always contact me by email for collaboration requests, or authors/publishers if you have anything that you would like me to read/review or have featured in a giveaway.

Professional Reader